UDT Puma

The Puma is a flush-threaded connector for use on exploration and platform drilling operations where size restrictions preclude the use of conventional upset connectors.

The connector is fully driveable and utilises high yield connector material to enable connection to exceed pipe body capacities, whilst using standard pipe grades.

The connection can be installed using conventional casing tongs without any additional requirement for compensated weight release.

These connectors have passed the requirements set forth by ISO 13679:2019, CAL I, where internal analysis is verified and evaluated by physical testing through Internal & External sources.

special features

  • Flush OD flush ID.
  • Suitable for piling.
  • Visual indication of make-up.
  • Elastomer o-ring seals.
  • Low torque, fast make-up.
  • Pre-loaded.



We provide top-quality easy to operate connectors for a safe, reliable, and productive drilling experience.


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