Fast make up high performance connectors

UDT Fast Make Up High Performance Connectors are in service worldwide for both offshore and onshore wells to eliminate welding time at site. Till date, we have supplied more than 80,000 connectors quantity covering 1 Million + Kms of large OD Casing pipes with Zero Failure Rate proving reliability and quality of UDT Connectors. UDT does extensive testing – Covering fatigue, bending, tension & pressure to provide the best quality at unmatched prices.

UDT offers global standards quality large OD casing connectors to Oil and Gas companies in most cost effective manner. Thus passed on the extensive quality parameters and obtained ISO 13679-2019-CAL I Certification.

Reduce Wellsite Time and introduce Increased Savings in Well Operations with quality high performance connectors from United Drilling Tools. Enquire Now about different variants.


The connectors are designed for use both in offshore and onshore applications, where rig costs and environmental conditions dictate a need for fast connector make-up combined with superior performance. UDT connectors have a proven performance in drilling, production and structural applications, for more than the last 3 decades.

UDT range of connectors are suitable for a wide array of applications such as drilling, driving (piling), drill & drive, jetting, offshore jack-up, offshore subsea, slot recovery, drilling with casing and more.


UDT provides a full turnkey installation service, which includes provision of service tools, service personnel to supervise the make-up of the connectors and running the pipe string, thread inspection and field repair & maintenance of all connectors.


UDT connectors are manufactured to the highest industry standards to assure trouble-free installation and service to our customers. Following are highlights of our manufacturing quality programme.
  • The properties of our high strength multi-start connectors will be equal or more than that of the pipe grade selected by the client.
  • The Connectors are machined on state of art numerically controlled horizontal and vertical lathes. Each connector is inspected for dimensional accuracy and functionality.
  • We have the capability to machine components up to 42 inches in diameter while maintaining tight tolerances.
  • Critical dimensions of all connectors are verified by high precision gauges and measuring instrument like MRP gauges, 3D Scanner and coordinate measuring machines (CMM).
  • Each component receives a unique serial number and is traceable from raw material to finished goods.
  • An alignment check is conducted prior to final welding of conductor on to pipe during welding onto pipe, which ensures that the alignment of the pin to the axis of the box is within 0.050 degrees.
  • All connectors are phosphate coated to prevent corrosion and galling.
  • The Connector designs and capabilities are supported by finite element analysis (FEA) conducted using both two and three dimensional techniques.


The range of casing pipe supplied by UDT are of OD sizes 18.625” to 36” and covering the full range of pipe wall thicknesses. We can also manufacture larger OD sizes, if required by the customer. Casing pipes can be supplied with both Product Specification Level (PSL-1 & PSL-2). These pipes are procured from reputed mills having valid API 5 L license.

The primary products and services we provide are:

  • Supply of loose connectors.
  • Supply of casing pipes with connector joints.
  • Connectors fabrication to free issue pipes.
  • Specialized welding services.

UDT can supply finished connector joints in a variety of forms to meet the client`s full list of requirements and industry standards, including standard joints (API Range 3), pup joints, extended joints (>12mtr), cross-over joints, extension joints (up to 18mtr), float shoe & float collar joints, joints with lifting pad-eyes and more.


UDT use state-of-the-art Esab & Ador welding equipment for submerged arc welding (SAW), tungsten inert gas welding (TIG) & metal inert gas welding (MIG) to ensure that connectors are welded to the pipe in conformity with industry standards. During the Fit-Up of the connector to the pipe, the principle control points include alignment tolerance, group of clearance, perpendicularity & straightness. All weld procedures are pre-qualified to cover all relevant dissimilar material combinations.


UDT follows a manufacturing quality test plan (QTP), which is pre-approved by the client, to ensure that all relevant manufacturing and fabrication inspection criteria are recorded and adhered to.
All UDT welds are inspected by phased array and/or radiographic testing as per the industry standards and client’s specific requirements. The weld cap on the girth weld and long seam weld height is gauged to suit API elevator dimensions. UDT procedures and welders are qualified and certified in accordance with relevant industry standards.
The inspection procedures used by UDT conform to API Spec. 1104 & API -RP-5C6.


UDT prides itself on its short lead-time delivery capabilities and carries an inventory of connectors, raw material forgings and a selection of pipe (common sizes) to offer expedited deliveries. UDT provide a number of incentives including stocking and maintenance agreements and expediting programs to provide the client with the flexibility to meet tight delivery schedules. These agreements are tailor made to the client’s specific circumstances, on a case-by-case basis. Please contact globalsales@udtltd.com for more detailed information.


Data sheets are prepared for each casing joint, which includes material certification and records details of all tests and
inspection conducted as per the QTP. Each data sheet is linked to and identifies each component by a unique serial
number, which provides 100% material traceability.


UDT’s oilfield equipments and tools help minimize cost, maximize production, thus ensuring superior performance and delivering positive results every time.

down hole tools

UDT downhole tools are used in a variety of formations to perform reaming operations during drilling.  

gas lift equipments

UDT gas lift equipment are used for effective gas lift operations in straight and deviated wells.

wireline winches

UDT wireline winch units are used in both offshore and onshore areas and can be used for production and reservoir operations.

high performance connectors

UDT range of connectors are suitable for a wide array of applications such as Drilling, Driving (Piling), Drill & Drive, Jetting, Offshore Jack-up, Offshore Subsea, Slot Recovery, Drilling with Casing and more.