recent quaterly results

Q3 FY 2023-2024 update

recent quaterly results

Q3 2024 update

Delivering a
Sustainable Future

Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) is at the heart of our business as we seek to deliver long-term financial value while minimizing our environmental footprint and ensuring sustainable growth for the society and community at large. We are a responsible corporate citizen maintaining excellence in our work and having a positive social impact.

Health, Safety & Environment

We create value in the society through services that promote health, safety and sustained growth for the society and community at large.

Technology & Innovation

We consistently innovate products and services to meet global oil and gas demands.


UDT’s oilfield equipments and tools help minimize cost, maximize production, thus ensuring superior performance and delivering positive results every time.

down hole tools

UDT downhole tools are used in a variety of formations to perform reaming operations during drilling.  

gas lift equipments

UDT gas lift equipment are used for effective gas lift operations in straight and deviated wells.

wireline winches

UDT wireline winch units are used in both offshore and onshore areas and can be used for production and reservoir operations.

high performance connectors

UDT range of connectors are suitable for a wide array of applications such as Drilling, Driving (Piling), Drill & Drive, Jetting, Offshore Jack-up, Offshore Subsea, Slot Recovery, Drilling with Casing and more.