Integral blade stabilizer (IBS) is a one piece rotating stabilizer which can be placed near bit or up in the drill string. Integral blade stabilizers are cut out of a single piece of fully heat treated standard steel quenched and tempered full length. AISI 4145 H Modified is used as a standard steel for manufacturing of stabilizers is an alloy of chromium & molybdenum grade. It mechanically stabilizes the bottom hole assembly (BHA) in the borehole in order to avoid unintentional sidetracking, vibrations, and ensure the quality of the hole being drilled. Stabilizers reduces drill pipe whirl (eccentric rotation about a point other than geometric center), and wellbore tortuosity (unwanted deviation from the planned well trajectory); furthermore, the stabilizer maintains drilling trajectory whether drilling straight, horizontal, or directional wells.

Stabilizers are provided with 250 to 360 degrees wrap angle (hole wall contact). Wrap angle can be tailored to customer requirements. Rotary shouldered connections of the stabilizers are threaded as per the requirements of API 7-1 specification and thread gauging & thread inspections are conducted as per requirements specified in API 7-2 specification. Based on customer requirements the end connections can be provided with Pin stress relief grooves, Box bore back features and cold rolled thread roots.

special features

  • Usually 2 to 3 stabilizers are fitted into the bottom hole assemble, including one just above the drill bit (near-bit stabilizer) and one or two among the drill collars. (string stabilizers)
  • The blades milled directly into the steel forgings are an integral part of the tool body, eliminating the risk of leaving components or pieces in the hole. Deep spiral machining is performed to allow maximum mud circulation. Integral blade stabilizers are provided with 3 or 4 number of blades.
  • The neck regions of stabilizer have tensile properties and impact energy requirements equal to those of drill collars of the same size as specified in API 7-1 specification.
  • The crown surface and the leading edge of the stabilizer are provided with protection against abrasion through hard facing. HF-2000, HF-3000, HF-4000 & HF-5000 types of hard facing can be provided based on customer requirements.
  • A gall-resistant treatment of manganese phosphate is applied to the threads and sealing shoulders of both the upper and lower connections.
  • Dimensions of the Integral blade stabilizers can be tailored to customer requirements as well as per API 7-1 specification requirements.




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