Production & Intervention SOLUTIONS

Gas Lift Equipment and Wireline Winches

Low reservoir pressure makes lifting of oil and gas from the earth to the surface difficult.

To solve this issue, UDT presents Conventional & Wire Line Retrievable Gas Lift Valves for the artificial lifting of oil and gas from the oil well.
Gas lift valves are installed in tubing string and gas is injected through the annulus when the applied pressure is greater than the valve dome charged pressure valve will open and gas injected into the tubing string leading to the aeration of the tubing string.
UDT’s Gas Lift Valves are inspected and tested as per the stringent requirements of API 19G2 specification.

Long, deep and deviated wells pose challenges in the installation of gas lift valves and other flow control devices used for lifting oil and gas from oil wells.

To address this issue, UDT presents Side Pocket Mandrels which include an integral orienting sleeve that aligns the kick over tool and flow control device with the pocket for precise installation in straight and deviated wellbores.
Side pocket design is a good alternative to conventional mandrels as it eliminates the need to pull or return the entire tubing string to install or replace flow control devices, it can be pulled separately from the tubing string using a wireline machine. They are good choices for offshore rig where equipment and manpower requirement is less.
UDT’s Side Pocket mandrels are inspected and tested as per the stringent requirements of API 19G1 specification.

Loss of time in mobilizing wireline winches.

To save time, UDT presents Truck Mounted and Skid Mounted Wireline Winches which are simple and fast to mobilize with all operating systems situated in one place.
Wireline winches are used to insert or retrieve the flow control devices into or from the side pocket mandrel at any depth in the oil well with high accuracy.
These units are used in onshore areas (Rig safe zones) and can be used for Production and Reservoir operations.
UDT wireline winch types: Slim-split, Flyline, Truckline and Landline.

gas lift equipments

UDT gas lift equipment are used for effective gas lift operations in straight and deviated wells.

wireline winches

UDT wireline winch units are used in both offshore and onshore areas and can be used for production and reservoir operations.


UDT’s oilfield equipments and tools help minimize cost, maximize production, thus ensuring superior performance and delivering positive results every time.

down hole tools

UDT downhole tools are used in a variety of formations to perform reaming operations during drilling.  

high performance connectors

UDT range of connectors are suitable for a wide array of applications such as Drilling, Driving (Piling), Drill & Drive, Jetting, Offshore Jack-up, Offshore Subsea, Slot Recovery, Drilling with Casing and more.