Side pocket mandrels are a part of tubing string. Side pocket mandrels features an oval body design and threaded connections for installation in the tubing string. The side pocket is offset from the bore of the tubing, which allows full tubing drift, through the mandrel and without restriction, for well servicing operations. The side pocket contains profiles and seal bores to land wireline retrievable gas lift valves and other flow control devices. Flow control devices are installed in the side pocket using a kick over tool, which is run into the well using standard Wireline technique. These mandrels include an integral orienting sleeve that aligns the kick over tool and flow control device with the pocket for precise installation in straight and deviated wellbores.


Side pocket mandrels are an integral part of the tubing string. They are used to house the flow control devices. Injection gas enters the valve and acts on the effective bellow area. As the injection gas pressure overcomes the precharged pressure, the bellow compresses and lifts the stem tip off the seat. Injection gas then flows through the seat, past the reverse flow check valve, and into the production tubing.

special features

  • Field proven design and operation.
  • Side pocket design eliminates the need to pull or rerun the tubing string to install or replace flow control devices.
  • Side pocket is offset from the tubing bore, which maximizes the flow area and allows full tubing drift for well servicing operations through the mandrel, without restriction.
  • Slotted orienting sleeve enables precise installation and retrieval of flow control devices in straight and deviated wellbores. These side pocket mandrels are provided with machined type pocket.
  • Tool guard protects flow control devices and latch from damage by deflecting tools larger than pulling/running tool from the pocket of side pocket mandrel.
  • Full traceability through the manufacturing process and 100% dimensional inspection is performed.
  • Welding qualifies to ASME Section IX standard with quality control including ultrasonic testing & radiography testing. QA inspection includes product functional grade testings (Internal pressure testing, external pressure testing, drift testing & KOT test) and quality control grade testing as per the stringent requirements of API 19G1 Specifications.
  • These mandrels are available in a variety of thread connections like EU and /or premium thread configurations as required by customers.
  • Side pocket mandrels are manufactured from AISI 4130 as well as L-80/13Cr grade material for both the standard and sour service.
  • Manufacturing facility has ISO 9001:2015 & API 19G1 license. (License number API 19G1-0008).



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