Replaceable sleeve stabilizers consist of replaceable sleeves that are mounted on the mandrel body. Consisting of a single mandrel and a replaceable sleeve, replaceable sleeve stabilizers are ideal in remote areas, where repairs and redressing of the blades are not feasible. The sleeve can be changed easily on the drill floor without the need for special tools. As an additional benefit, one mandrel can be used with sleeves of different sizes, reducing equipment costs. The crown surface and the leading edge of the sleeves are provided with protection against abrasion through hard facing. HF-2000, HF-3000 & HF-4000 types of hard facing can be provided based on customer requirements.The sleeve is screwed onto the middle threads on the outside of the mandrel and torqued up to the recommended value.

Mandrels are manufactured from AISI 4145H modified alloy steel fully heat treated (quenched and tempered) full length and sleeves are manufactured from EN-19 steel. The neck regions of mandrels have tensile properties and impact energy requirements equal to those of drill collars of the same size as specified in API 7-1 specification.

special features

  • Deep spiral machining is performed to allow maximum mud circulation. Sleeves are provided with 3 number of blades. Sleeves are provided with 250 to 360 degrees wrap angle (hole wall contact). Wrap angle can be tailored to customer requirements.
  • Rotary shouldered connections of the mandrels are threaded as per the requirements of API 7-1 specification and thread gauging & thread inspections are conducted as per requirements specified in API 7-2 specification. Based on customer requirements the end connections can be provided with Pin stress relief grooves, Box bore back features and cold rolled thread roots.
  • A gall-resistant treatment of manganese phosphate is applied to the threads and sealing shoulders of both the upper and lower connections.
  • Dimensions of the Replaceable sleeve stabilizer can be tailored to customer requirements.




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