UDT-Leopard is a high strength connector which has been used in many different applications environment and drilling programs for land, platform, jack up, subsea/deep water including highly deviated deep well.

UDT-Leopard combines the advantages of a preloaded thread-type connector and the rapid make-up desired for offshore operations. It has mechanical strength characteristics higher than those of the casing pipe.

UDT-Leopard is a self-aligned connector with a high-cone angle and is available in twin or four-start thread. When stabbed, the box swallows approximately 90% of the pin length. The stabbing guide prevents cross threading. Full make-up is achieved in less than half a turn with a four-start thread and less than one turn for a two-start thread.

To prevent back off during driving and to permit the connection to transmit torque, integral anti-rotation tabs can be engaged using a hand-held hilti gun or manual shear tool. Use of the anti-rotation tabs increases breakout torque to as high as 90,000 ft-lb, depending on the number of tabs engaged.

These connectors have passed the requirements set forth by ISO 13679:2019, CAL I, where internal analysis is verified and evaluated by physical testing through Internal & External sources.


UDT-Leopard connectors are typically made from 70 ksi to 110 ksi and can be used for all types of operations based on customer requirements.

special features

  • Self-aligned.
  • Strength characteristics higher than casing pipe.
  • No cross threading
  • Low torque make-up with rig tongs.
  • Less than one turn make-up.
  • Integral 4 points anti rotation provision
  • Suitable for piling/Jetting.
  • Reversible and reusable.
  • Visual indication of make-up.
  • Preloaded for fatigues.
  • High-pressure sealing.

UDT Leopard Finite Element Analysis



Internal Pressure

Collapse Pressure



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